How to have sex when you’re pregnant

sex positions during pregnancy

Get clearance from your doctor and take on board these 5 sex positions to have sex even when you’ve got the bump!

The funny thing about sex is that it can put your hormones on overdrive when you’re pregnant. Some women experience periods of intense arousal as the pregnancy progresses. Many men are afraid of having sex with the woman when her bump is in the way – after all, sex should not endanger the baby. But once your doctor gives you the go-ahead (usually in the second trimester), you can have sex whenever you feel like it.

Consider these 5 excellent sex positions during pregnancy; they will let you enjoy sex without putting pressure on the baby bump:

1 Woman on top. Most women (and men) prefer this position because it gives the woman a lot of control over the depth of penetration and the speed of thrusts. However, this position makes the person on top do all the work. It is fine as long as the woman does not suffer from back pain or spinal pressure during pregnancy.

2 Classic missionary. The missionary pose is fine for sex, but only if the man takes care not to put his weight on the woman’s abdomen. This pose is extremely relaxing for the woman, since she just has to lie back and relax while he does the work! The man can also caress and stimulate the woman’s breasts and shoulders in this position, making it exciting for her and himself.

3 Doggy style. This is one of the most popular sex positions during pregnancy, because there is no danger of the bump being pressurised, and both partners can enjoy sex quite a lot. The woman gets on her knees and holds the bedstead for support, while the man sits on his knees and enters her from behind. The man must take care to hold her hips lightly and not hold her belly to get a tighter grip.

4 Spooning. This is also a good sex position during pregnancy, since it gives the man a chance to caress the woman’s body while also entering her from behind. It is a position that increases intimacy and bonding between the couple, since it is essentially like having sex while sharing an affectionate hug.

5 Seated facing each other. This pose calls for relaxed sex while looking deeply into each other’s eyes. Both partners can choose to be face to face, or embrace each other lightly while having sex. This position also gives more scope for speed and passion.