5 ways to have ‘man’tastic sex

how to please your man

Pleasing your man is not only about making him scream with ecstasy – the build-up can be as exciting as the actual act!

It’s a myth that men are ready to have a go at women at a moment’s notice. It’s true that men are aroused quicker than women, but they need some time to get there. Most women fumble when it comes to gratifying their partners in bed. The trick is to include his entire body in the act, and not just his genital area.

Try these 5 ways if you want help on how to please your man:

1 Explore him. Men have several erogenous zones that do not get tested for years. For instance, the fold of skin under the buttocks, or the neck, or even the skin under the rib cage and waist, are some male erogenous zones. Even a simple nibble on his ear lobes can make him hard. Good sex is not just about penetration and orgasms; it is about the experience that builds up to it. Exploring his body using lube, your tongue and fingers will drive him wild with desire.

2 Give him a sensual massage. Not every sexual experience needs to end with penetrative sex. Sometimes, feeling aroused and loved is more important than an orgasm. Give your man a sensual massage using lube, and he will feel relaxed and desired. The best thing about a sensual massage is that he will be so aroused, that you will end up having amazing sex if that’s the end result you’re hoping for.

3 Oral is great. Every man loves oral sex. But you might wish to read up on the best ways to give oral. Many women make the mistake of sucking too hard – this is really painful and the opposite of sexy – or doing the same thing for too long, so he doesn’t feel excited any more. He will love it if you practice on him, and don’t forget to use your hands on his body as you pleasure him down there.

4 Act out his fantasy. Have you ever asked him what his sexual fantasy is? If you haven’t, or if you know about it but have never tried it, now is the time to act it out. Role play is really sexy, and he will be left awestruck as you emerge from the bathroom dressed as his secret sexual fantasy. Get the costume, put on the makeup, and really become the character. Then let things go on from there.

5 Do the unexpected. Nothing gets him more aroused than doing something he least expects. For instance, if you are normally passive in bed, you could stun him by flipping him over on his back and going down on him. Or if you are normally the aggressive one, lie back and tell him to have his way with you. You can even try a new sex position, or a new condom that pleasures you both, or bring him to an erection by rubbing his privates with warming lube.