Some Reliable Tips for First Time Sex

First Time Sex

Sex can be extremely satisfying and enjoyable! But for people who are just beginning to enter the zone, the whole process can seem slightly overwhelming and confusing.

As a beginner, if your mind is filled with questions on how to have sex, that’s completely normal! Whether you’re a teenager or a 40 year old virgin, it doesn’t really matter. You just need to follow some basic steps to ensure that you and your partner have a memorable experience.

To make things uncomplicated, we’ve provided some effective tips below.

Step-by-Step Guide to First Time Sex

  1. Make Sure Your Partner is Ready: There is nothing better than two people having consensual sex. It’s not good to force yourself on someone just because you’re too horny! The exciting and sensual act can turn sour in no time if there are any signs of disagreement. Therefore, try figuring out if your partner is in the mood to have sex. While you can observe this through their physical movements, it is always better to directly or indirectly ask them if they’re ready or not. Effective communication always helps!


  1. Stay Protected: Sex is a fabulous stress-buster that helps burn calories and eliminates insomnia. However, the enjoyable act can pose adverse consequences, such as STDs and unexpected pregnancies, if you don’t stay protected. The best way to avoid such an eventuality is to use a condom, such as Durex Sensation, which is designed to heighten stimulation.


  1. Set the Ambience: Physical intimacy is much better when the mood is right. To set that perfect erotic mood, light some candles and play the right mood music. You can open a bottle of champagne and have a couple of drinks before engaging in any sensual acts. Just remember not to drink too much, since getting drunk can impair your judgement, which can make you do some silly and regretful things.


  1. Focus on Foreplay: Don’t rush into having sex, since that could spoil the whole tempo. Start by kissing and caressing your partner gently. Moreover, foreplay has the potential to stimulate the erogenous zones, which can eventually lead to a more passionate lovemaking session.


  1. Relax after the Climax: After achieving climax, you both must be sighing with immense relief! Now that all the sexual energies have been released, stare into each other’s eyes with a sweet smile. You can either hold each other tight, or just lie beside each other with a profound sense of silence.

Now that you know how to have sex, make sure you are emotionally ready for it before you jump into things.