5 ways to have ‘man’tastic sex

how to please your man

Pleasing your man is not only about making him scream with ecstasy – the build-up can be as exciting as the actual act!

It’s a myth that men are ready to have a go at women at a moment’s notice. It’s true that men are aroused quicker than women, but they need some time to get there. Most women fumble when it comes to gratifying their partners in bed. The trick is to include his entire body in the act, and not just his genital area.

Try these 5 ways if you want help on how to please your man:

1 Explore him. Men have several erogenous zones that do not get tested for years. For instance, the fold of skin under the buttocks, or the neck, or even the skin under the rib cage and waist, are some male erogenous zones. Even a simple nibble on his ear lobes can make him hard. Good sex is not just about penetration and orgasms; it is about the experience that builds up to it. Exploring his body using lube, your tongue and fingers will drive him wild with desire.

2 Give him a sensual massage. Not every sexual experience needs to end with penetrative sex. Sometimes, feeling aroused and loved is more important than an orgasm. Give your man a sensual massage using lube, and he will feel relaxed and desired. The best thing about a sensual massage is that he will be so aroused, that you will end up having amazing sex if that’s the end result you’re hoping for.

3 Oral is great. Every man loves oral sex. But you might wish to read up on the best ways to give oral. Many women make the mistake of sucking too hard – this is really painful and the opposite of sexy – or doing the same thing for too long, so he doesn’t feel excited any more. He will love it if you practice on him, and don’t forget to use your hands on his body as you pleasure him down there.

4 Act out his fantasy. Have you ever asked him what his sexual fantasy is? If you haven’t, or if you know about it but have never tried it, now is the time to act it out. Role play is really sexy, and he will be left awestruck as you emerge from the bathroom dressed as his secret sexual fantasy. Get the costume, put on the makeup, and really become the character. Then let things go on from there.

5 Do the unexpected. Nothing gets him more aroused than doing something he least expects. For instance, if you are normally passive in bed, you could stun him by flipping him over on his back and going down on him. Or if you are normally the aggressive one, lie back and tell him to have his way with you. You can even try a new sex position, or a new condom that pleasures you both, or bring him to an erection by rubbing his privates with warming lube.


How to have sex when you’re pregnant

sex positions during pregnancy

Get clearance from your doctor and take on board these 5 sex positions to have sex even when you’ve got the bump!

The funny thing about sex is that it can put your hormones on overdrive when you’re pregnant. Some women experience periods of intense arousal as the pregnancy progresses. Many men are afraid of having sex with the woman when her bump is in the way – after all, sex should not endanger the baby. But once your doctor gives you the go-ahead (usually in the second trimester), you can have sex whenever you feel like it.

Consider these 5 excellent sex positions during pregnancy; they will let you enjoy sex without putting pressure on the baby bump:

1 Woman on top. Most women (and men) prefer this position because it gives the woman a lot of control over the depth of penetration and the speed of thrusts. However, this position makes the person on top do all the work. It is fine as long as the woman does not suffer from back pain or spinal pressure during pregnancy.

2 Classic missionary. The missionary pose is fine for sex, but only if the man takes care not to put his weight on the woman’s abdomen. This pose is extremely relaxing for the woman, since she just has to lie back and relax while he does the work! The man can also caress and stimulate the woman’s breasts and shoulders in this position, making it exciting for her and himself.

3 Doggy style. This is one of the most popular sex positions during pregnancy, because there is no danger of the bump being pressurised, and both partners can enjoy sex quite a lot. The woman gets on her knees and holds the bedstead for support, while the man sits on his knees and enters her from behind. The man must take care to hold her hips lightly and not hold her belly to get a tighter grip.

4 Spooning. This is also a good sex position during pregnancy, since it gives the man a chance to caress the woman’s body while also entering her from behind. It is a position that increases intimacy and bonding between the couple, since it is essentially like having sex while sharing an affectionate hug.

5 Seated facing each other. This pose calls for relaxed sex while looking deeply into each other’s eyes. Both partners can choose to be face to face, or embrace each other lightly while having sex. This position also gives more scope for speed and passion.

‘Do I really need to have sex with a condom on?’

sex with a condom

This, and other frequently asked questions, about safe sex and the necessity of a condom during intercourse.

1 ‘Do I really need to wear condom during sex? I only have sex with my wife.’

While you can certainly have sex without a condom on when you are certain that both you and your partner are committed to each other, wearing it does have a few benefits. First off, both of you must be free of any STDs or STIs, or you will risk infecting each other. Second, you may still be in your childbearing years. If you already have children, or if you don’t want any children at the moment, you might risk an unwanted pregnancy. So sex with a condom makes more sense in case of the latter eventuality.

2 ‘Sex with a condom reduces my pleasure, but my partner insists on it. What should I do?’

Listen to him! Sex with a condom on protects you both against both STDs and pregnancies. Besides, who says condoms reduce pleasure? Ask your partner to try flavoured, textured or extra thin condoms. You no longer need to complain about lack of sensation. You can also try pleasure gels to derive greater satisfaction.

3 ‘I am almost never able to get the right sized condom. What should I do?’

Keep looking. There are premium condom brands that offer a variety of sizes, textures, thickness and sensations. Of course, finding the right condom is a matter of trial and error, and you are better off buying them in your own country than elsewhere – condom companies customise condom sizes as per nationality, so you can find your perfect fit in your country.

4 ‘My partner is on the pill. Do I still need to use a condom?’

The oral contraceptive pill only protects her from unwanted pregnancies. It does not have any effect on preventing the transmission of STDs and STIs. If this is a new partner, you don’t know if she has any STDs or not. She doesn’t know that about you, either. So do the right thing – have sex with a condom on to save both of you from disease.

5 ‘After sex, I found out that the condom had torn. I am terrified about getting pregnant. What should I do?’

If you had sex less than 72 hours ago, you can take an emergency contraceptive pill that will prevent a pregnancy from taking place. You need not worry if you are already on monthly contraception, since the condom is not really needed for contraceptive purposes if you are. If it has been more than 72 hours and you have not taken any contraception, wait for a few days and take a pregnancy test. If the test is positive, you can ask your gynaecologist about your options.

What does safe sex mean?

Safe sex is the key to good sex, and it shows responsibility for yourself and your partner.

We often hear the term ‘safe sex’ without fully realising what it means. For the most part, it is a way to have sex without compromising your sexual healthy and security. But it also deals with having sex in a safe environment, without coercion or the threat of abuse. Here’s a four-point primer on understanding safe sex:

1 Preventing pregnancy. The most important parameter for safe sex is the plan you have for preventing a pregnancy. If you are in a monogamous relationship with your partner, you can use oral contraceptives or IUD (Intra Uterine Devices) that stop a pregnancy from occurring. But if you have multiple sex partners, or if your partner is new, a condom is necessary every time you have sex.

2 Preventing the transmission of sexual diseases. There is always the danger of getting a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) or Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) with a new partner. You might also inadvertently pass the same to your partner if you have them. Some of them are easy to treat and they do not recur, but others require prolonged treatment and even abstinence from sex till you are fully cured. Do the right thing, use condoms for sex and stop the cycle of transmission.

3 Not coercing your partner into sex. Safe sex is not only about the actual act and what measures you take to prevent pregnancies and infections from being transmitted. It also includes your approach – and also your partner’s – towards sex. Neither of you should feel that the other owes sex to the other, and sex should not be used as a weapon during disputes. You cannot force your partner into sex when they don’t wish to have it, nor should you withhold sex to punish them for something. The same applies to your partner. Sex cannot be a negotiation or pawn, it must be a mutual act between two loving partners.

4 Not doing anything that makes you or your partner uncomfortable. Forcing your partner to have sex without a condom, or agreeing to your partner’s demand for sex without a condom constitute unsafe sex practices. Do not go ahead with it if you feel threatened or subjugated in any way, or if you feel that your sexual health is being compromised due to any practices. You may not be comfortable with certain sex positions, or your partner insisting on filming the act, or even dirty talk. Don’t go ahead with something that creeps you out in any way. Remember, if your instincts tell you something’s wrong, then something probably is.

Are you using the right kind of condom?

types of condoms

There are more types of condoms out there than you would imagine. We compile a simple guide to help you pick the right one.

Sex is a wonderful indulgence, and it has many benefits for one’s health and state of mind. It is also a natural part of every person’s life, so it makes sense to enhance it as much as you can.

You can do this by increasing foreplay and trying different positions. But often, the most basic step is to use the right type of condom. That’s right – a condom can enhance your sexual life in many ways! Its thickness and texture play a major role in this connection, so choosing the right one helps.

Do you need a condom for sex?

Most monogamous couples feel that if they are committed to each other, they can have sex without condoms. This is only half true – you can risk having sex without condoms only if you are trying for a baby. For everyone else, a condom is an absolute necessity – not only does it prevent unwanted pregnancies, it also prevents the transmission of STDs and STIs.

Besides, it is a myth that a condom reduces the feeling and joy of sex. This can happen if you are using a really thick condom with no texture, which can cause a lack of sensation and also some amount of chafing. But the best types of condoms are those that add to the sexual experience, by virtue of being lubed or textured.

Picking the right condom for yourself

Most men are so fixated on getting the right size of condom that they often overlook the fact that there are condoms designed not just for the right fit, but also for the right sensations. Condoms can make the sexual act pleasurable for both partners. You can choose from these types of condoms:

Fetherlite: These condoms are quite thin, so as to give a feeling of super close intimacy during sex. But they are strong enough to withstand the rigours of intercourse and not tear in the process.

Extra safe: These are slightly thicker condoms that take the worry out of your mind as regards contracting an STD or having an unwanted pregnancy. They are lined with spermicide.

Real feel: These condoms have a texture that mimics the feel of skin, so that sex becomes completely natural.

Pleasuremax: These condoms have a ribbed and dotted texture to enhance her sensitivity during sex.

Ribbed, dotted: These condoms have ribs on the surface, or raised dots, to enhance her pleasure during sex.

Warming: These are textured condoms with warming lube on the surface for enhanced feeling.

Flavoured: These condoms make oral sex fun and enjoyable for both partners.

Delayed climax: These condoms delay the orgasm so you can go on for longer.

Some Reliable Tips for First Time Sex

First Time Sex

Sex can be extremely satisfying and enjoyable! But for people who are just beginning to enter the zone, the whole process can seem slightly overwhelming and confusing.

As a beginner, if your mind is filled with questions on how to have sex, that’s completely normal! Whether you’re a teenager or a 40 year old virgin, it doesn’t really matter. You just need to follow some basic steps to ensure that you and your partner have a memorable experience.

To make things uncomplicated, we’ve provided some effective tips below.

Step-by-Step Guide to First Time Sex

  1. Make Sure Your Partner is Ready: There is nothing better than two people having consensual sex. It’s not good to force yourself on someone just because you’re too horny! The exciting and sensual act can turn sour in no time if there are any signs of disagreement. Therefore, try figuring out if your partner is in the mood to have sex. While you can observe this through their physical movements, it is always better to directly or indirectly ask them if they’re ready or not. Effective communication always helps!


  1. Stay Protected: Sex is a fabulous stress-buster that helps burn calories and eliminates insomnia. However, the enjoyable act can pose adverse consequences, such as STDs and unexpected pregnancies, if you don’t stay protected. The best way to avoid such an eventuality is to use a condom, such as Durex Sensation, which is designed to heighten stimulation.


  1. Set the Ambience: Physical intimacy is much better when the mood is right. To set that perfect erotic mood, light some candles and play the right mood music. You can open a bottle of champagne and have a couple of drinks before engaging in any sensual acts. Just remember not to drink too much, since getting drunk can impair your judgement, which can make you do some silly and regretful things.


  1. Focus on Foreplay: Don’t rush into having sex, since that could spoil the whole tempo. Start by kissing and caressing your partner gently. Moreover, foreplay has the potential to stimulate the erogenous zones, which can eventually lead to a more passionate lovemaking session.


  1. Relax after the Climax: After achieving climax, you both must be sighing with immense relief! Now that all the sexual energies have been released, stare into each other’s eyes with a sweet smile. You can either hold each other tight, or just lie beside each other with a profound sense of silence.

Now that you know how to have sex, make sure you are emotionally ready for it before you jump into things.

Plan Your Romantic Getaway to Saudi Arabia


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is an Arab state that shares its border with Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and the UAE. Known for its rich culture and history, the state offers magnificent desert landscapes, sand skiing, amazing shopping arcades, exquisite hotels, the highly popular Nabatean Tombs, and much more! With so many options galore, Saudi Arabia is definitely a place worth exploring!

Why Visit Saudi Arabia as a Romantic Destination?

If you and your partner are still on the verge of deciding on a perfect romantic getaway, think no more! Saudi Arabia is an ideal destination for couples who are willing to explore mystical and fascinating places. You can buy some precious artifacts representing ancient Arabic history at the bustling shopping arcades too and bring your memories back home.

To enjoy some peaceful moments, can take a stroll opposite the Red Sea Coastline with your partner, followed by a romantic dinner. While all this romance can surely spice things up, don’t forget to carry a pleasure gel that aids sex, such as the highly popular Durex Play Warming, to make your night more memorable!

The Most Exquisite Hotels in Saudi Arabia

Radisson Blu Hotel, Jeddah – Known for its honeymoon suites and impeccable Japanese cuisine, this fabulous hotel is located on Medina Road, near the King Abdulaziz Airport and the popular International Exhibition Center. You can visit the Lobby Lounge, which offers a large variety of cocktails and delicious appetizers. Don’t forget to visit Club Oasis, where you can get a relaxing massage and rejuvenate your senses! After this, it will be the best time to use that pleasure gel for sex!

Four Seasons Hotel, Riyadh – Regarded as one of the most stylish hotels in the Kingdom, Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh boasts spectacular architecture and state-of-the-art hospitality. The hotel offers an array of recreational activities, such as tennis courts, squash courts, swimming pool, a huge golf course, spa and wellness center, and much more! Treat your beloved to a candlelight dinner at the famous Elements Hotel located on the ground floor. It is a beautiful restaurant that offers global as well as local cuisine.

Hotel Conrad Makkah, Mecca – An epitome of brilliant architecture and outstanding hospitality, this luxury hotel offers easy access to the Holy Mosque and Kaaba. Do visit the Al Kawthar Lounge, where you can enjoy spectacular views of the Haram, while sipping on some fresh cappuccino. If you’re a fan of steak, the Prime restaurant should not be missed, as it provides the finest and juiciest cuts of meat.

With a plethora of places to travel and explore, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia should undoubtedly be your next romantic destination!