Have a good sex life? Make it great!

how to have good sex

A great sex life is not about explosive orgasms and bedroom acrobatics alone. It is often about communication, and the desire to try something new.

It has been an age-old conundrum down the ages: How to have good sex! Most people equate frequent sex, or wild orgasms with good sex. But it runs much deeper, and knowing how to have good sex is an acquired art.

Try these tips:

* Talk about sex. Most couples tend to discuss sex in terms of whether something hurts or if they suspect an infection or pregnancy. There is hardly any discussion on what should change or made better. And it doesn’t have to be dirty talk or erotica, either. Just casual talk about sex and how it can be better for you both can charge your bedroom with more electricity!

* Strip with a purpose. You strip yourself and your partner when you’re about to go hot and heavy on each other. But have you tried stripping with a definite objective in mind? Play strip poker – each strips one article of clothing when they lose a point. The game could be a simple snakes and ladders battle, or a more exciting truth or dare. As your partner becomes naked bit by bit, you start to feel aroused – and they feel the same when they see you naked by degrees. This soon leads to some pretty memorable lovemaking.

* Have blindfolded sex. This might sound too out there, but do try it. Have a pair of blindfolds at the ready when you’re both sitting on the bed. Face each other and tie the blindfolds on. There will be a lot of fumbling and laughing at first, as you accidently poke each other or miss your mark completely. But when you get into the groove of things, this little trick has the power to unlock the beast inside you. Since the two of you can’t see each other, you’re relying on your touch and hearing to get you through. It’s really sexy having blindfolded sex, almost like your first sexual experience or going to bed with a really hot stranger!

* Give each other a bath. There’s something pure and spiritual about having sex after taking a bath. But instead of showering together, how about if you give your partner a bath? Sit them in the bathtub and add bubble bath to the water. Take some shampoo on your hand and wash their hair slowly and sensually. Now take some soap and rub it slowly all over their body. They will be aroused and exalted by the touch of your hands all over their body, and ready to jump in the sheets with you.

* Give your partner a sensual massage. A sensual massage is a great way to connect with your partner. Not only does it feel great to receive it, it feels nice to administer it as well. There’s a specific technique you must follow when giving a sensual massage. The point of the massage is to first de-stress your partner and then arouse them. It may not always end with penetrative sex, but it certainly serves to heighten your passion.


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