Are you using the right kind of condom?

types of condoms

There are more types of condoms out there than you would imagine. We compile a simple guide to help you pick the right one.

Sex is a wonderful indulgence, and it has many benefits for one’s health and state of mind. It is also a natural part of every person’s life, so it makes sense to enhance it as much as you can.

You can do this by increasing foreplay and trying different positions. But often, the most basic step is to use the right type of condom. That’s right – a condom can enhance your sexual life in many ways! Its thickness and texture play a major role in this connection, so choosing the right one helps.

Do you need a condom for sex?

Most monogamous couples feel that if they are committed to each other, they can have sex without condoms. This is only half true – you can risk having sex without condoms only if you are trying for a baby. For everyone else, a condom is an absolute necessity – not only does it prevent unwanted pregnancies, it also prevents the transmission of STDs and STIs.

Besides, it is a myth that a condom reduces the feeling and joy of sex. This can happen if you are using a really thick condom with no texture, which can cause a lack of sensation and also some amount of chafing. But the best types of condoms are those that add to the sexual experience, by virtue of being lubed or textured.

Picking the right condom for yourself

Most men are so fixated on getting the right size of condom that they often overlook the fact that there are condoms designed not just for the right fit, but also for the right sensations. Condoms can make the sexual act pleasurable for both partners. You can choose from these types of condoms:

Fetherlite: These condoms are quite thin, so as to give a feeling of super close intimacy during sex. But they are strong enough to withstand the rigours of intercourse and not tear in the process.

Extra safe: These are slightly thicker condoms that take the worry out of your mind as regards contracting an STD or having an unwanted pregnancy. They are lined with spermicide.

Real feel: These condoms have a texture that mimics the feel of skin, so that sex becomes completely natural.

Pleasuremax: These condoms have a ribbed and dotted texture to enhance her sensitivity during sex.

Ribbed, dotted: These condoms have ribs on the surface, or raised dots, to enhance her pleasure during sex.

Warming: These are textured condoms with warming lube on the surface for enhanced feeling.

Flavoured: These condoms make oral sex fun and enjoyable for both partners.

Delayed climax: These condoms delay the orgasm so you can go on for longer.


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