The 4 best sex positions for overweight men

how to have good sex

The extra pounds won’t matter with the easy sex poses mentioned in this article.

Sex is a pure pleasure, but it’s not always easy! Though they won’t admit it, overweight men have a few problems performing in bed. Due to their excess weight, they may have accompanying issues like blood pressure and decreased lung capacity. This makes sex a tricky proposition for them. Besides, they may have a poor body image and think that their partner does not find them sexy at all. This can also affect sexual performance.

The trick is to try different sex positions that ease the pressure off the body and help the man focus more on sex. Most men are comfortable in the missionary (man on top) position. It’s time to try a different sex position so that sex becomes easier and more enjoyable for both partners:

1 She astride him. Instead of you lying down on her in the missionary style pose, reverse your positions. Let your women sit astride you and stroke you, making you hard. You get a great view of her body and can see (and feel) what she’s doing to you. When you get hard, she can either pleasure you further or mount you. The advantage of this pose is that she does most of the work while you lie on your back and thrust.

2 Spooning. This one’s a different sex position than the usual missionary that you’re accustomed to. Lie on your side, and have her lie on her side, back to you. Fit her body into the grooves of your own, so that her buttocks are against your pelvis. This position is best for couples who know each other’s bodies well, and who are comfortable with long periods of kissing, touching and caressing. You can touch her entire body and hold her gently. When you get hard, you can enter her from behind and thrust slowly.

3 She sits on his lap. This is a sexy position, and it gives both of you a great view of each other’s torsos. Get a sturdy chair and sit down on it. Let her sit on your thighs, opening her legs wide to receive your penis. You can stroke her back, shoulders, breasts and thighs while she touches and kisses you. Then she mounts you, still seated on you, and both of you thrust in tandem.

4 On your knees. Have her lie down on the bed, knees folded against the side and feet on the floor. Take a cushion and plant your knees on it, such that your pelvis is against hers. This is a good sex position to get deep penetration and satisfy her fully.


What you should know about first time sex

first time sex

We list the 5 things you should know before you have sex for the first time.

Sex is exciting and romantic, but if you’re a virgin, the idea can be scary as well. Though the prospect of first time sex gets your pulse racing, you may be concerned about many aspects of it. Most women are afraid of pain, and of disappointing their partners.

Read on to know 5 things about first time sex that will help you relax and get into the mood:

1 It’s going to be awkward. You’ve never had sex before, so you don’t know what to expect. If your partner is also a virgin, you’re both going to be awkward during the act. It’s okay to feel a mixture of awkwardness, embarrassment and excitement. If your partner is experienced in sex, let them lead and you can just enjoy the experience fully.

2 It’s okay to laugh. Sex is not always the hot and heavy, passionate encounter that they show in movies. It can also be sweet and relaxed. You can talk during the act, tell your partner what feels great and also laugh if there are awkward fumbles. Laughter eases the tension and makes the experience more fun for you.

3 It’s important to wear a condom. You have never had sex before, so you want to experience every sensation fully. You might think that wearing a condom for first time sex is counterproductive. You think that you cannot get skin-on-skin contact with a condom. But a condom ensures your safety and good health. You don’t want to risk an unwanted pregnancy, nor do you want to contract an STD or STI from your partner. If you want to feel really close, get a thin condom or one that mimics the feel of human skin.

4 Don’t do something you don’t want to. Though you have no frame of reference, you might have certain put-offs that you don’t want to touch upon. For instance, you might not wish to try oral during first time sex. Or you may not be on board with your partner wanting to film the act – this last is a violation of privacy and it might endanger you if the footage falls in the wrong hands. Set boundaries beforehand – tell your partner what you are not happy about trying, and ask them to respect your wishes till you get used to having sex.

5 Wait if you’re more afraid than excited. You might feel like having first time sex because it seems like the logical next step in the relationship. But the reason to do it must be right. Don’t go ahead if your partner is pressurising you into it. Or because everybody else has done it. More than your body’s responses to the idea, you must be mentally prepared for first time sex. If you are unsure about it, wait till you are ready.

5 signs that you’re with the right partner

sex with a condom

Are you and your partner right for each other? Let’s find out through 5 basic signs.

In any relationship, you are bound to wonder if you are with the right person. Sometimes, you just know that you are. At other times, you cannot pinpoint your areas of concern.

Stop wondering – read on for the 5 signs that you’ve got the right sexual partner:

1 They put your needs first. It takes time for a sexual relationship to settle into a routine. During this time, you will notice if your partner is receptive to your needs – or not. If they are selfish in bed, you might resent them over time. On the other hand, if they are mindful of what you like, what you don’t, and what you need to feel satisfied and loved, they’re a keeper!

2 They are willing to try new things. The first few days of your sex are exciting and explosive, since you’re still learning about each other’s bodies and rhythms. Over time, you settle into a routine that is comfortable and familiar to both. Broach the subject of trying a new move, or changing the location for sex. A committed partner will be willing to try new things, even if they are initially hesitant. If they are against a certain idea, find out why. Similarly, discuss why you are uncomfortable trying a certain move, and watch how they handle your concerns.

3 They are emphatic about sexual health. Sex is a fun game between two consenting individuals. But both of you should practice safe sex. You should be pleased if they insist on having sex with a condom on. Having sex with a condom on shows that they are committed to the relationship and wish to ensure safety for both of you. It’s an added bonus if they choose a condom that enhances pleasure for you both.

4 They do not force you into doing uncomfortable things. Many things that can make either of you uncomfortable during sex. From body image issues to a lack of lubrication, there are several turn-offs that you must take in your stride. But how you and your partner deal with these aspects is important. If you don’t like certain positions, or if you wish to have sex with a condom on, they must respect these wishes. Set boundaries if you think that they are prone to asking for uncomfortable acts.

5 It’s not just about sex for them. A sexual relationship is based on friendship and trust. Your connection is enhanced if you genuinely like each other. It’s a problem if your partner is interested only in sex and not in you. The biggest sign that they are interested in more than your body, is when they want to hang out with you, go shopping, take trips together and do the things that you like – with no demands for sex at the end of it.

Sex life hitting the snooze button?


Would you rather watch a late night movie than have sex? Here’s some help to get you motoring in bed.

Every human being loves to have sex. But like every other thing in life, it can become monotonous after a while. Where you used to have sex at every opportunity, today you spend your nights reading thriller novels or rebuffing your partner. The fizz is gone from your sex life – but you can get it back!

Here’s how to have great sex that will change your life:

* Lighten up. First of all, acknowledge that it’s not a big problem that you’re a teensy bit bored by the idea of sex. Second of all, laugh it off in a good-natured way. You both know how to make each other laugh, so use the issue for some good natured ribbing. Don’t assign blame, but if you need to discuss what’s going on, do so in a non-threatening way. Pretty soon, you will have discovered the problem area – now you can move past it.

* Love your body. A lot of people don’t like to have sex because they don’t like their bodies. This happens a lot with women who have had babies and who have gained weight, or people who have poor body image issues. It pays to remember that you are much more than just your body – you have talents, you are smart and you have a loving partner. When you accept your body for the way it is, you will feel sexier and your confidence will translate into great lovemaking.

* Don’t do it for a while if it’s boring. This is a bit of reverse psychology: if sex bores you, don’t do it for a while. Not having sex though you are in close proximity with each other, can reset your mental block about the whole issue. Human beings normally crave the things that they are not supposed to have. The same applies to sex. You can hug and kiss in bed, but don’t take it further for a few days. Then initiate light touching, while again going no further. After a few days of this, you will charge at each other and have explosive sex.

* Try new positions. Are you stuck in a sexual rut? Where he stares at the pillow case while riding you, and you stare up at the ceiling and wonder if you locked up for the night? It just means that you want sex, but the position bores you. Mix it up – try a different position to give your sex life a new spin. Trying a new position helps you rediscover each other’s bodies, and find new ways to please each other in bed.

* Have the night to yourselves. The big key to having great sex is not just about positions, sex toys and lubes. It’s about building up the main event with intimacy and comfort. Schedule a date night, where you meet at your favourite restaurant like strangers. Do not discuss the house, children or any of the topics that you normally do. Include a romantic comedy film in the plan, and return home eating your favourite flavour of ice cream. When you get home, shower together and then hop into bed – the sex will be really worth it!

Wearing a condom: What nobody ever tells you


Everybody assumes that men know how to wear a condom correctly. First timers can be terrified about it – so here’s some help.

Admit it – as much as you would like your partner to believe that you’re a pro in bed, there’s one thing that terrifies you. You’ve never had sex with her before, and you’re quite inexperienced about the act. Besides, you’ve never had protected sex and you want to go ahead only with a condom on.

Problem is – you don’t know how to put on a condom! The instructions on the pack are quite clear; but you’ve heard horror stories about men wearing the condom wrong or breaking it during sex. Nobody ever coaches you about wearing a condom. So we decided to take you through the process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to put on a condom:

Step 1: Check the expiry date. That’s right – condoms come with expiry dates, post which the material that they are made of can begin to disintegrate. If you wear an expired condom, chances are it will break during sex.

Step 2: Remove the condom from the pack. Do not tear the pack with your teeth, and be careful if you’re taking a pair of scissors to the packet. Several men end up tearing the condom simply while removing it from its plastic covering! Be gentle and don’t twist or tear it.

Step 3: Straighten out the condom gently and hold the tip (it looks like a teat) so that air is removed from the end.

Step 4: Roll the condom down to the base of the erect penis. Do this slowly if you’re not used to wearing condoms. Also, take care to roll it on correctly and not inside out. If the condom is inside out, discard it and start with a fresh one.

Step 5: Apply water based lubricant on the outside of the condom. This does two things: It increases sexual pleasure for your partner and minimises chafing, and it reduces the chances of the condom breaking due to friction. If you are using a sex toy such as a dildo during sex, put a condom on the dildo as well – this will minimise the chances of passing on STIs and STDs.

Step 6: After you ejaculate, remove the condom while your penis is still semi-erect. Hold the base of the condom while you withdraw, or the condom will slip off and spill all over the bed.

Step 7: Knot the condom and wrap it in a tissue paper or paper bag. Discard in the trash.

That’s it – it’s quite simple to do if you know how to put on a condom. Now go ahead and give her the best sex of her life, with a condom that adds pleasure for you both.

Have a good sex life? Make it great!

how to have good sex

A great sex life is not about explosive orgasms and bedroom acrobatics alone. It is often about communication, and the desire to try something new.

It has been an age-old conundrum down the ages: How to have good sex! Most people equate frequent sex, or wild orgasms with good sex. But it runs much deeper, and knowing how to have good sex is an acquired art.

Try these tips:

* Talk about sex. Most couples tend to discuss sex in terms of whether something hurts or if they suspect an infection or pregnancy. There is hardly any discussion on what should change or made better. And it doesn’t have to be dirty talk or erotica, either. Just casual talk about sex and how it can be better for you both can charge your bedroom with more electricity!

* Strip with a purpose. You strip yourself and your partner when you’re about to go hot and heavy on each other. But have you tried stripping with a definite objective in mind? Play strip poker – each strips one article of clothing when they lose a point. The game could be a simple snakes and ladders battle, or a more exciting truth or dare. As your partner becomes naked bit by bit, you start to feel aroused – and they feel the same when they see you naked by degrees. This soon leads to some pretty memorable lovemaking.

* Have blindfolded sex. This might sound too out there, but do try it. Have a pair of blindfolds at the ready when you’re both sitting on the bed. Face each other and tie the blindfolds on. There will be a lot of fumbling and laughing at first, as you accidently poke each other or miss your mark completely. But when you get into the groove of things, this little trick has the power to unlock the beast inside you. Since the two of you can’t see each other, you’re relying on your touch and hearing to get you through. It’s really sexy having blindfolded sex, almost like your first sexual experience or going to bed with a really hot stranger!

* Give each other a bath. There’s something pure and spiritual about having sex after taking a bath. But instead of showering together, how about if you give your partner a bath? Sit them in the bathtub and add bubble bath to the water. Take some shampoo on your hand and wash their hair slowly and sensually. Now take some soap and rub it slowly all over their body. They will be aroused and exalted by the touch of your hands all over their body, and ready to jump in the sheets with you.

* Give your partner a sensual massage. A sensual massage is a great way to connect with your partner. Not only does it feel great to receive it, it feels nice to administer it as well. There’s a specific technique you must follow when giving a sensual massage. The point of the massage is to first de-stress your partner and then arouse them. It may not always end with penetrative sex, but it certainly serves to heighten your passion.

Giving a blow job made easy

how to give a blow job

Most women are petrified of giving oral sex to their partners. We give you 5 simple tricks to make the experience enjoyable for you both.

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while and you’ve also had sex, it may be time to explore oral sex. You might love it when he goes down on you, but have you ever driven him wild with a really great blow job?

You might be hampered a little if you don’t know how to give a blow job. But that’s what we’re here for: to give you 5 simple tips on how to give a blow job:

1 It’s okay to suggest a shower first. You might be turned off by the idea of oral sex because you feel that he doesn’t smell or taste great down there. Another problem is that the crotch area can get really sweaty and add to your discomfort. But you are not out of bounds to suggest that you take a shower together first. In fact, you will both enjoy sex more after a bath.

2 Get real – your mouth cannot accommodate him. Forget what the movies tell you. The average penis is about 5 to 6 inches long – but your mouth isn’t. It’s not possible for you to take him completely in your mouth, and you will end up retching and gagging if his penis enters your throat. So use your mouth on the tip of his penis, and your hands on the shaft and base. Now work in tandem and get him to explode with frenzy.

3 Lying down on the bed to do it is comfortable for both. Another thing that the movies show is the woman kneeling on the floor to give oral to the man as he stands over her. We don’t know about you, but there’s something mildly offensive about this stance. Also, it’s not comfortable for either of you – your knees will hurt, and his legs will start quivering when he begins to get excited. Just take the civilized way out – lie him down on the bed and then go down on him.

4 Get some lube on and get to it. Receiving and giving oral is great, but it tends to get uncomfortable. You cannot constantly generate enough saliva, and he will not enjoy the experience if your mouth is dry. Both of you will love oral sex more if you use lube. Flavoured lube is great for oral sex, and it is safe to ingest as well. Or if you’re inclined for it, ask him to wear a flavoured condom before you suck him. Once he’s really hard, you can straddle him and have mind-blowing sex.

5 Rub the tip against the roof of your mouth – here’s why. One secret that most women don’t know, is that the penis cannot distinguish between different textures of your mouth. It won’t know if it’s rubbing against the inside of your cheek, or your tongue, or your throat. In fact, deep throating is rarely pleasurable because the penis tip needs to constantly bump or rub against a surface instead of trying to find its way into space. Do yourselves a favour and let his penis tip rub against the roof of your mouth – he will love the sensation and you won’t gag at all!